Ensuring We Create a Better World

Living Community Challenge

With our partner, the International Living Futures Institute we have created something unique for the Song Saa Reserve – a vision for master planning, design and construction that is environmentally and socially progressive, moving ‘beyond sustainability’ and championing regeneration and resilience in all that we do. 

How the LCC operates & Measure

The Song Saa Reserve will work with the International Living Futures Institute, who will monitor our performance, to cover the requirements of each ‘Petal’ in the design, construction and operation at the Reserve.

‘Petals’ and ‘Imperatives’ – Fostering Regeneration and Resilience. 


Restoring a healthy interrelationship with nature.


Creating developments that operate within the water balance of a given place and climate.


Endorsing products that are safe for all species through time


Relying only on current solar income

Health & Happiness

Creating environments that optimize physical and psychological health and well-being


Supporting a just and equitable world


Celebrating plans that purpose transformative change

How are we turning the LCC from vision to reality?

Through a global standard environmental management system we will ensure that our work sets a benchmark for regenerative and resilient design’ , with oversight provided by our international partner, the Living Futures Institute.

The LCC allows us to become a regional leader in ‘beyond sustainability’ design and function. At the Song Saa Reserve this is the inspiration for a range of initiatives either underway or planned, including:



Through targeted conservation measures, including the prevention of illegal hunting, we are witnessing the return of birds and other native creatures to the Song Saa Reserve site, including open-billed stork, cattle egrets, cinnamon bittern and Asian mongoose.

Rainforest Restoration Programme

Rainforest Restoration Programme

The lower Mekong’s largest rainforest restoration programme will restore rainforest cover to 40% of the Song Saa Reserve with the planting of one million trees over the next five years.

Work with authorities

Work with Authorities

Collaborating with local authorities the Song Saa Reserve will identify and support areas of need in the Banteay Srei health and education environment.

Lake and Wetland Restoration Programme

Lake & Wetland Restoration Programme

This project will see the Song Saa Reserve's major water body—Boeung Chhouk—restored to its former glory, with more areas of open water and rehabilitated wetland habitats.



An emphasis will be given to the protection and reviving of local culture, including working with the Village Elders to return traditional Buddhist ceremonies and rituals to the Song Saa Reserve.

Wildlife Corridors

Wildlife Corridors

Working with conservation specialists we will create natural corridors that encourage the movement of native wildlife into and around the Reserve.