Song Saa Foundation

Song Saa Foundation – Where Else it Works

Except for being responsible for planning and implementing the Song Saa Reserve regeneration and resilience work, Song Saa Foundation have launched a broad range of conservation and humanitarian initiatives that go well beyond the borders of the archipelago since 2013. From establishing the kingdom’s first marine reserve, we have grown to become a preeminent coastal marine NGO, helping improve the lives of local people and promoting the protection of the environment wherever our work takes us.


The foundation is committed to the protection of ocean habitats and the preservation of marine life – from fish and invertebrates to coastal birds – in the Koh Rong Archipelago and all along Cambodia’s coastline. Our projects include the support of community fisheries, a coral nursery and a tropical marine conservation programme. We also have programmes in place for the conservation of sea turtles, mangroves and Cambodia’s rare sea grass meadows.


The Song Saa Foundation strives to improve the lives of local communities through a broad range of initiatives, including medical missions, education programmes and organic farming support. We look to sustain social and economic development within the community through sericulture enterprises in Prek Svay and employment opportunities at our private island resort, while the Boat of Hope provides much-needed medical care provided through our outreach clinics and our annual International Medical Relief mission. The latter brings up to USD 1 million in medical supplies to the region along with 40 US based doctors every year.


Land-based initiatives by the Song Saa Foundation cover the conservation of terrestrial habitats and species in the Koh Rong Archipelago and Banteay Srey. We have protection and restoration programmes in place for mangroves and rainforest systems and an ongoing solid waste management project in Prek Svay that we plan to expand to three other communities on the island. Our waste management programme involves recycling and composting, helping keep Prek Svay clean and allowing local villagers to be proud of their community, and in Banteay Srey we have commenced a pioneering rainforest restoration programme.