Designed with conscious

A Landscape Designed By Nature

The streetscape of the Banteay Srei Estates harmonising naturalness with function , merging earth, vegetation and contour with roads, cycle-ways and footpaths. Our design emphasises the utilisation of materials that are local and natural, including stones and plants, which reflect the physical and cultural personality of the Banteay Srei area.

Streets Re-imagined

Our street layout re-imagines roads and paths, not as the exclusive preserve of vehicles, but as places combing the practical with the intrinsic needs of people; merging nature and function with concepts that align with the wider vision of the Song Saa Reserve.


A key aspect of our streetscape design is the promotion of flow between private and public space, including the replacement of solid fences with mixed block and bamboo walls, interspaced with vegetation and areas of open border. Other features include the use of eco-sourced plantings and the installation of unobtrusive speed controls—islands and road humps—in strategic locations.

A natural edge to revive and connect

The heritage buffer, which encircles the entire boundary of the SSREP, features a combination of restored rainforest trees, shrubs and ferns—that merge into walkways, cycle-paths and rest areas—providing a unique corridor experience where residents and guests can enjoy the sound of jungle birds under a canopy of green tropical shade.


The intent of the Materials Petal is to create a successful materials economy that is nontoxic, transparent and socially equitable. Throughout their life cycle, supplies and materials may be responsible for adverse environmental issues, including illness, squandered embodied energy, pollution, and resource depletion. As part of our goal to cover the the requirements of the ‘Material’ performance petal of The Living Community Challenge – “Endorsing products that are safe for all species through time.” The construction of each villa will entail the following.

  • The exclusion of all Red List materials/chemicals in community infrastructure and landscape. 
  • Materials for the construction of exterior walls will all be sourced from local manufacturers.
  • Curtain walls, ceramic tiles and cement sheeting are prohibited.
  • Raw materials will meet certified standards for sustainable resource extraction and fair labor practice.
  • Timber is certified to in accordance to the Forest Stewardship Council and  Labeling Standards
  • Any materials intentionally extracted from the site for land clearance will be used