Resort Development Sites

Located near the famed temples of Angkor, the Song Saa Reserve will provide a high-end alternative to guests to Siem Reap. And with projected numbers to increase beyond the 3 million mark by 2020 and a new airport planned with a capacity for 10m travellers per annum, the Song Saa Reserve promises to fulfil an increasing need for responsible tourism offerings.

With foreign ownership permitted, innovative building design and environment codes, government incentives and the support of the Song Saa team, the Song Saa Reserve offers a unique proposition for globally in-tune developers, seeking healthy returns while also improving the places and communities where they put their money to work.

Investors will have the opportunity to purchase plots for hospitality-based projects ranging in size from 4ha to 20ha. And with a total of 120+ hectares of land available there is an opportunity for developers to consider projects on a scale that is commercial unrealistic in Siem Reap city.

Development Master Plan


Price on application.

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