Song Saa Foundation

The work of the Song Saa Foundation began when we first found the island in 2006 and created Cambodia’s first ever marine reserve and started to support the remote communities of the Koh Rong Archipelago by providing access to health care and education. From the very beginning, our approach was to be a true triple bottom line business ensuring making money created a net positive impact on the environment and local communities where we work.

In 2011 we wanted to scale up the work we were doing as part of Song Saa Private Island by accessing institutional donor funding, bilateral aid and guest donations and the only way to do this was by having an independent legal entity registered as a Foundation with its own governance, board of directors, management team and to be truly separate from the business all while sharing the overall vision. Since we established the Song Saa Foundation we have worked with Prince Albert of Monaco and Flora and Fauna International to ramp up Cambodia’s marine conservation. In partnership with the Asian Development Bank we have provided access to fresh, clean drinking water to thousands of villagers on Koh Rong and since 2013, International Medical Relief and Song Saa Foundation have brought 40 doctors and $1m USD worth of supplies each year to the Koh Rong Archipelago to bring otherwise inaccessible medical care to the island’s inhabitants. The Foundation also has strong government relationships including an ongoing Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Environment.

The Foundation works hand in hand with the business to amplify our positive impact by leveraging the platform of the company’s assets alongside its independence to raise funding and develop strategic partnerships for both environmental conservation and community support. It is this unique and pioneering model we are replicating in Banteay Srey for The Song Saa Reserve and we hope the Foundation’s track record on Cambodia’s coast gives you a glimpse of the impact we believe we’ll have with The Song Saa Reserve.

To understand The Song Saa Foundation’s vision for The Song Saa Reserve please take some time to read the below two documents:

Download the Foundation’s E&S Report here

Download our Rainforest Restoration project already underway at The Song Saa Reserve here